Kitchen Garden Planner and Journal by Stony Ridge Farm

Kitchen Garden Planner and Journal by Stony Ridge Farm

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Organize your garden, season by season, month by month, and project by project with this handy Kitchen Garden Planner and Journal! It comes with lifetime access to printable worksheets and journal pages, and membership in the Stony Ridge Farm seasonal living community.

This planner comes with instructions on how to tackle the following tasks and use our worksheets to:
- Design your vegetable and flower gardens 
- Track plant selections and how successful they are in your garden
- Document soil amendments and pest control strategies
- Garden budgeting, tracking projections and actual expenses
- Seasonal and monthly planner calendars
- Garden journal pages

Every good endeavor begins with a plan! Learn garden planning and documentation from Lorrie Schoettler of Stony Ridge Farm. Use the process she uses to manage her 5-acre homestead with her husband Bob Shelley. Bob is a graphic designer and created all the worksheets and journal pages for this very user-friendly planner.

Create your perfect vegetable and flower gardens now and for years to come with this Kitchen Garden Planner and Journal!